Takata Airbag Recall

Everything you need to know about the Takata airbag safety recall.

Check your Nissan

The important facts

Millions of cars around the world contain faulty Takata airbag inflators which can cause the airbag to malfunction when deployed.

The defect affects certain vehicles from many high-profile global automotive brands, including popular European, Japanese, American and luxury manufacturers.

At Nissan, our owners and their passengers are our highest priority. We are recalling all vehicles in Australia that are affected by the recall and will replace the airbag inflator free of charge.

We have been contacting affected owners involved in the recall, if you have not received communication but believe your vehicle is affected please contact your Nissan Dealer.

Check your New Zealand new Nissan

In order to determine the recall status of your Nissan, you will need to know your vehicle identification number, or ‘VIN’. Your VIN is a unique 17 character serial number that can be found on your vehicle (such as the passenger side door sill) or in documentation (such as registration papers).

Your VIN number


Checking your Import Nissan

Please Note: You cannot use the 17 digit VIN provided by NZTA in this tool, the Japanese VIN must be used! Insert the Model number and Chassis number in the below boxes and press 'check'.

Your VIN number


To locate your Japanese VIN, please refer to the below image:

The Model Number is the first 4 to 6 digits - (Example below BCNR33 indicates the model number)
The Chassis Number is the last 6 digits - (Example below 123456 indicates the chassis number)

Further Information

Nissan uses the latest data available to us in order to contact owners, however in some cases this data may not reflect the current owner of vehicles affected by this recall due to age and change of ownership.

If you have any concerns regarding this recall or the vehicle data entered into the VIN check tool does not register a valid outcome, please contact your Nissan Dealer for further assistance. it is important to ensure that airbag installed in your Nissan is not affected by this product recall.