Devours Roads, Sips Fuel

The sign of a truly modern ute? One that shows that power, acceleration and fuel efficiency cannot just coexist, but thrive. The Nissan Navara offers three intelligent engines that do just that, thanks to advanced technology helping to get the most performance out of every drop of fuel.

The Nissan Navara comes with the option of a petrol engine and two variants of the diesel engine. The SL, ST and ST-X variants are powered by a technologically advanced twin-turbo diesel engine, producing 140kW of power and 450Nm of torque and offers class leading diesel fuel economy.

Twin Turbo Diesel Engine

The twin-turbo diesel engine comes with one low pressure and one high-pressure turbo charger. Set in a series, they work together to give you seamless power and torque delivery, offering the maximum 450Nm of torque from as low as 1500-2500rpm. So when you are stopped at traffic lights or towing a heavy load, on acceleration you can really feel that torque instantaneously.

How does the twin turbo engine work?

Turbocharger boost control is achieved by connecting a small (high-pressure) turbo and a large (low-pressure) turbo via a series of bypass valves.

High Pressure (HP) Turbocharger
The high-pressure turbocharger is located right at the Exhaust Manifold. It has a small turbine that is able to respond rapidly at low RPM. With all bypass valves closed, low speed torque is increased and maximum exhaust gas recirculation takes place. A smaller turbo will “spool up” quickly at lower speeds, but will not be able to supply sufficient air at higher speeds. This is where the low pressure turbocharger kicks in.

Low Pressure (LP) Turbocharger
The low-pressure turbocharger is located downstream from the high pressure turbocharger. It has a large turbine that is more suited to high exhaust gas flows/higher engine speeds. With the bypass valves both open, the turbo boost provides improved power and torque at high RPM.

Torque & Power Curve

The sequential twin turbo setup allows for outstanding torque delivery at low to mid-engine RPM and does not compromise power at high RPM.

The transition is seamless and allows the small capacity engine to achieve impressive power & torque figures while being fuel efficient and eco-friendly, meeting the highest of emission standards.

Outperform the competition.

When it comes to engine innovation, we’re determined to stay ahead of the pack. That means excellent fuel economy and efficiency – but never at the expense of power and performance.
The Nissan Navara SL, ST and ST-X can get any job done - and be ready for more.

∞Figures tested in accordance with ADR81/02 (combined test). Figures stated for the purposes of comparison amongst vehicles only. Actual fuel consumption depends on factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle condition, how you drive and any accessories fitted.