Frequently Asked Questions

To make life easier, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions Nissan owners have about caring for their vehicles. If you can’t find an answer to your question below, contact your nearest Nissan Service Advisor.

  • I need help with my Nissan. Who do I call?Open or Close

    Phone 0800 4 NISSAN (0800 4647726) between 8.30am and 5pm week days for any Nissan vehicle, service or parts enquiry. This number will also organise Roadside Assistance 24hrs a day.

  • I am unsure of what needs checking or replacing on my Nissan?Open or Close

    Your owner’s manual gives a full explanation of the types of maintenance as well as the time intervals when the services should be performed. Alternatively please contact your local Nissan Dealer on 0800 4 NISSAN (0800 4647726) between 8.30am and 5pm week days, to get an idea of what kind of maintenance your vehicle requires and when based on your typical driving conditions. You should always call a Nissan dealer, as a simple call could help you avoid bigger costs and inconvenience later.

  • How can I ensure my Nissan stays reliable for years to come?Open or Close

    Nissan Genuine Service at all authorised Nissan dealers provides the advantages of N-STEP (Nissan Service Technical Education Programme) trained expertise at over 42 locations nation-wide to keep your Nissan running reliably for years to come. Nissan authorised dealers are pleased to provide you with high quality service to meet your specific vehicle requirements using the following advantages:

    • N-STEP trained Technicians
    • Updated technical information
    • Advanced equipment and special service tools
    • Latest mechanical and software updates
    • Genuine parts and accessories
    • Specialised computerised diagnostic equipment
    • Access to Nissan New Zealand’s technical hotline, who are in direct contact with Nissan Motor Company's technical support
    • They are completely qualified to work on all Nissan vehicles

    Nissan Genuine Parts and automotive fluids are specially designed for Nissan vehicles and the driving conditions particular to the area the vehicle is driven in. The use of improper fluids and parts may result in inferior performance of the vehicle and could possibly result in the occurrence of vehicle breakdowns. To ensure that your Nissan vehicle remains in optimal condition, we strongly recommend that you use Nissan genuine parts and approved fluids.

  • What happens if something does fail on my new Nissan?Open or Close

    Every new Nissan vehicle imported and distributed through Nissan New Zealand is covered by the manufacturer›s warranty for a period of three years or 100,000 km, whichever occurs first. Please phone 0800 4 NISSAN (0800 4647726) or contact your local Nissan dealer to discuss this further.

  • How do I ensure my new Nissan is covered under warranty?Open or Close

    We strongly suggest all Nissan vehicles are serviced by an authorised Nissan dealership to ensure:

    1. Full accountability in the event of a problem arising
    2. Any information in addition to servicing requirements that NNZ makes known to Nissan dealers will not be made known to other workshops
    3. Smooth handling of any warranty claim items without need for investigation into what was done during servicing (genuine parts, lubricants etc.)

    If you elect to have your Nissan vehicle serviced outside the franchise during the warranty period, the manufacturer’s 3 year / 100,000 km warranty coverage becomes “conditional”. What this means is: If a problem arises during the warranty period, Nissan New Zealand reserves the right to inspect the vehicle.

    If we determine the problem is the result of, or contributed to, by servicing (or lack thereof) we will not cover that particular problem.

    All other aspects of the manufacturer’s warranty remain intact.

    Regardless of who services the vehicle, if a warranty problem arises, an authorised Nissan dealer must carry out the warranty work.

    All Nissan dealers are required to perform warranty work; however, it is not mandatory they supply extras such as loan cars etc.

    Most dealers are inclined to provide that level of support to their active service customers, however some elect not to provide this support to Nissan drivers whose only visits to their dealerships are to carry out warranty work, while having their vehicles serviced by other garages.

    If you decide to have your Nissan vehicle serviced outside the Nissan franchise, we very strongly suggest you instruct them to carry out all servicing items as indicated in the vehicle warranty and owner identification manual AND most importantly, they use Nissan genuine parts, fluids and lubricants during all services. Examples of problems arising are when non-genuine coolant is used in a Nissan vehicle and corrosion occurs. It is also known that if any transmission fluid other than the recommended specific Nissan fluid is used in a Nissan transmission there will definitely be problems.

    In both these instances, the manufacturer’s warranty would not cover repairs required due to failure to use the correct fluids.

    Problems arising due to non-genuine filters also would not be covered.

    Should you chose to have your vehicle serviced by a workshop other than a Nissan dealer please retain all documents and service invoices as these documents may be requested should a problem occur during the warranty period.

  • Can my Japanese imported vehicle with inbuilt TV, Navigation and DVD player be converted to English and operate in NZ?Open or Close

    Unfortunately it is not possible to change your multi-display to English language or adapt to the NZ environment as this system was specified for the overseas domestic market only. However your local Nissan dealer could possibly diagnose, recommend or quote a repair based on further assessment and discussions of the particular vehicle from recent experience with other similar models.

  • I have misplaced / lost my keys. What can I do?Open or Close

    Simply visit your nearest Nissan Dealership with proof of vehicle ownership and ID and request that a duplicate key be made. A replacement key will be organised at your cost.

  • Will my Nissan run on Bio fuel?Open or Close

    Nissan continues to place very high priority on effective environmental management and has taken a comprehensive approach to reducing CO2 emissions, developing fuel-efficient engines, highly efficient transmission systems, lightweight, high strength vehicle bodies as well as more aerodynamic vehicles with low air resistance. Examples of advancement by Nissan with this type of technology are evident in some recent new releases as 370Z and Murano. Before you fill your Nissan with Bio fuel please contact your nearest Nissan dealer.

  • What is a Hyper CVT gearbox?Open or Close
    Hyper CVT is the transmission of the future. The Hyper CVT uses two steel pulleys and a high strength steel belt, to transmit the power from the engine to the front wheels. The transmission computer optimises the ratio to suit the engine power, achieving seamless, smooth driving performance. As well as offering smoother acceleration and better drivability, the Hyper CVT offers improved fuel economy over conventional automatic transmissions.
  • What is the Zone Body Construction?Open or Close
    Zone Body Construction divides the car into two zones; the safety zone is the highly rigid passenger compartment designed to protect the occupants in the event of a crash. The front and rear crumple zones are designed to deform in the event of a crash, absorbing most of the crash energy, thus protecting the occupants in the passenger compartment.
  • Why is LEAF currently not available for NZ market?Open or Close

    The New Zealand market has (quite justifiably) a high level of expectation with regard to specifications, pricing and safety rating for new vehicles.   Unfortunately we are unable to source a model that complies with all of the criteria and as such no longer have Nissan LEAF available for sale in New Zealand.

    This decision is made on the basis of existing circumstances and market conditions and must not be interpreted as Nissan New Zealand, the authorised distributor of new Nissan vehicles in New Zealand, exiting the electric vehicle market in this country. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nissan Motor Company, we have a strong commitment to our parent company’s Global Zero Emission Leadership philosophy and will continue to seek opportunities within our market to promote this strategy.