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Affected by COVID -19? Nissan Financial Services New Zealand are here to help you

If you have financed your vehicle through Nissan Financial Services New Zealand and are impacted by COVID-19 please call our Customer Service Centre on 0800 464 7726 or email at Our staff can assist you in making arrangements to support you during this difficult time. Given the current environment we are experiencing a high volume of calls and emails, wait and response times are extended as a result. Please be patient and accept our sincere apologies for the delay you may incur. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Nissan Financial Services New Zealand has a strong track record of supporting our customers when they most need it and we will continue to do so during the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation.




Get behind the wheel of your next Nissan with our simple three-step finance process


step 1

Choose Vehicle

Choose from a range of vehicle and finance options that best suit your needs.

step 2

Choose loan options

With products for consumer and commercial loans you can tailor your financial plan to suit your needs. You can customise this further.

step 3

Contact Us

Finally, contact Nissan Dealer and submit your application. Its a simple as that. Click the below to find your nearest Dealer.

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Flexible consumer loans

  • A personally tailored loan with a choice of term 1-5 years(1)
  • Payments fixed at a competitive interest rate for the term of the loan, giving you the peace of mind and protection against risks associated with adverse market interest rate fluctuations;
  • Convenient and flexible payment options that allow you to make extra payments(2), which may save you money by reducing the total interest payable(3)
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Competitive Commercial Loans

  • Commercial loans designed for sole traders, partnerships, trust and companies
  • Commercial loan and mortgage designed for businesses that use accounting systems
  • Finance lease, a rental agreement offering fixed monthly payments for a period of timeBusiness line of Credit on application

Additional benefits

Nissan looks after you with a wide range of additional products to support your vehicle.  

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Nissan Insurance protects you and your vehicle in case of accidents. Choose from a wide range of options to best suit your needs.

roadside assist

Roadside assistance

We’re here for you when you need it. All new Nissans come with five years of standard Roadside Assist, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Capped price servicing

Available on all new Nissan vehicles is the Nissan Capped Price Service program. Nissan has set the recommended maximum scheduled service price applicable to the first three services according to your vehicle’s service schedule.