Nissan Future Value


Nissan Future Value is a tailored finance solution that lets you keep your options open at the end of your loan term.

The key difference with Nissan Future Value is that you can take comfort in knowing up front how much your vehicle will be worth to Nissan at the end of your loan term*. Which means whether you upgrade, retain or return your vehicle, you can rest assured that your future is sorted.

With customised repayments based on your finance preferences^ and annual kilometre allowance, Nissan Future Value gives you the flexibility to make your next move with confidence.


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*Under the Nissan Future Value program, you can sell your vehicle to Nissan Financial Services New Zealand for the pre-agreed future value (adjusted for excess kilometres and the cost of repairs for vehicle damage beyond fair wear and tear), to pay the final balloon payment on your loan. Allowed kilometres and vehicle condition requirements are set out in the Nissan Future Value agreement. Terms and conditions apply. ^Nissan Future Value available to approved applicants on selected new Nissan models. Please consult with your Nissan Dealer for eligible models. Information provided on this page is of a general nature only. It does not constitute, nor should it be considered to constitute, legal, tax or financial advice.